Quarantine Quickies : How to Celebrate Your Birthday In Lockdown



This is Ishita’s mum and I have been asked to write a Guest Post about planning a birthday party for your (adult) child in lockdown. I have to say that I’ve had several years of practise organizing Ishita’s birthday parties since she was young. While Ishita has turned thirty something (I am forbidden to say how much) she still has a lot in common with her eight year old self, which definitely makes my job easier.

Being in lockdown is a difficult time to celebrate big occasions – the ‘birthday party’ as we know it is over. After three birthdays and two anniversaries through this quarantine one thing is clear – celebrating the birthday of a loved one is an excuse to elevate the day, not just for yourself but for everybody else.


Like I often tell professionals during training, this is a great opportunity to be your creative and resourceful best. Making do with what you have at home compels you to be innovative – make more with less!

Most importantly, this is an opportunity to be grateful the important things in life – family, friends and their love for you, especially on your special day. So let’s do it. Let’s have a birthday.



  • Keep birthday traditions alive by tweaking them to maintain social distancing norms. Take them online or if your city allows physical movement, drive by to wish the person or drop off flowers or balloons.
  • You can now have six birthday parties instead of just one! Organize multiple smaller virtual parties – maybe an intimate one for the inner circle and perhaps another one that invites the larger community. Celebrate with a meal together, cut a cake and pop a bottle of bubbly like you would at a good old fashioned party.
  • Decorate your living space with whatever you’ve got at home. I used old wrapping paper to make bundt flags and cake toppers. Get creative with Diwali/Christmas lights or use houseplants to liven up the party room.
  • Play games! You’re never too old to pin the donkey or play musical chairs. I planned a scavenger hunt across the house and roped in family members to give clues online. Playing virtual games are also a lot of fun, especially with a big group. Games like 20 questions about the birthday girl/boy is always a great ice breaker.
  • Dress up for the party, even if it’s for a few hours. Wear a good outfit, put on some make-up and feel like your best self. Don’t forget to dress up your pet for the special occasion!

Above all, remember to have fun. You never know when you’ll have get this chance again. Take the time to celebrate little joys and enjoy these moments of togetherness with those you love.

Love, Mum







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