Cocktail Weekends : Rocket Fuel


How is your weekend going?

More importantly, are you watching, eating and living cricket? While the IPL season is crazy gamin’ fun for the cricket obsessed, it is a trying time for their HBO watching brethren.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the game but somewhere in the scheme of “T20 isn’t real cricket”, Ravi Shashtri’s ‘Tracer Bullets’ and terribly coloured uniforms (Doesn’t the Kings XI jersey look like an orange Popsicle?) my relationship with league cricket ended and I simply shifted fandom to Game of Thrones. We all need role models. Don’t hate me.

But as an Indian, you can never be too far away from cricket. It’s like trying to distance yourself from Diwali. Or Biryani. We know it simply can’t be done.

So I find the best way to embrace the IPL’s remote monoply at my house, is to simply put a drink in my free hand. Hands in this case.


The ‘Rocket Fuel’ is a deliciously deceiving cocktail. It tastes like beer but has the buzz of a crafty cocktail. It’s a simple whiskey gimlet topped with your favourite beer. Yeah, that easy. Its simpler than trying to decipher Navjot Singh Sindhu’s shaayari and whatever ‘Thoko Meter’ is

So get ready to experience the most pleasurable way to sit through retired cricketers attempting a comeback, confusing names for basic boundaries (Vivo Maximum, really?) and shitty advertisers that will never stop trying to make players act.

And for those of you padding up to catch the finals tonight, kick the ice bucket. For you deserve more than cold beer. You deserve Rocket Fuel.


Rocket Fuel


Simple Syrup – 30ml

Fresh Lime Juice – 30ml

Whiskey – 60ml

Beer (Wheat preferably) – 1 pint


  • Shake the first three ingredients on ice.
  • Pour into a glass or a jar
  • Top with Beer
  • Chug
  • Now get another one
  • Watch yourself shoot out like a Rocket

Happy Cricket to you!





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