Remembering Nepal, One year on

Never underestimate that it takes only one minute to change your life, completely.

ktm last


Never stop believing that one day you could step out of the door at your age and come back years wiser.



Never forget the might of nature to brighten or bring doom to your day



Or the might of a man’s prayer.



Believe in the good of men as an act of divine intervention.



And in yourself to tide through. Even if it’s with the help of beer and two day old momos.




Remembering Nepal, one year on. Tremors, Trials and Testing Times.


Hope can never die. Or be killed. Here’s to your soul, to the city of Kathmandu.


Read more about the pictures : Shake it Off: Surviving an Earthquake on Vacation and SHAKEN NOT STIRRED : Making the most in an earthquake

All Images by Ishita Thakur


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