Cocktail Weekends : The Wrath of Cersei


Disclaimer: If you’re a Game of Thrones fanatic, continue reading. If not, jump ahead to the drink.

Of all the characters in Game of Thrones, I find one to be the most fascinating. And while haters love trolling her both on and off the show, to me, Cersei Lannister is the epitome of everything shocking and inspiring.


I usually get questioned for my choice of favourites on the cult show, but I stand by my allegiance towards the Queen Regent. Consider the facts.

She is twisted and conniving but she is also pure genius. Cersei is a big game player with a compulsion to control everything that is directly connected to her family – her one weakness. Her fierce love for her children and her brother tips her into slashing throats and falling on her knees for pardon. How many people can claim to love so intensely, yet have cruelty to hurt and cause serious pain?


I love her spirited independence and her inner sadism  that refuses to cry for her slain husband. She reminds me of this Alanis Morissette song  that makes me think, each of us have a little bit of Cersei in us. Sometimes we’re the sinner, sometimes the saint. Sometimes we’re the bitch, sometimes we’re the lover. You know you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Cersei is so much more than a single dimension of ‘Evil’. She loves with possession and is spiteful to the point of self defeat. Her hands, while tied behind her back find a way to pull the strings of all those that are crucial to the plot and she swings between friendly and deadly in a matter of a few frames. She is a child at heart and a paranoid adult.


I can completely picture Cersei sipping on this drink while plotting her biggest revenge. I already have goosebumps thinking of the many ways the High Sparrow will go down in Season 6. Brrr. Cold blooded.

The Wrath of Cersei is a twist on the classic New York Sour. It incorporates Cersei’s everyday poison (wine) with a spicy spin. I suppose if whiskey came to Westeros, this drink would be quite the hit.The colours of the cocktail are inspired by the Lannister Flag and is every bit as bold and intoxicating as the Queen Mother herself.

Click here  for video 


The Wrath of Cersei

For the Spice Syrup


  • 1/2 cup Sugar
  • 1/2 cup Water
  • Whole spices of your choice – I used cinnamon and star anise


  • Gently dissolve the sugar and water on low heat
  • After all the crystals have dissolved, turn off the heat and add the spices
  • Steep for alteast 2 hours


For the Cocktail (Makes 1)


  • 30ml Spice Syrup
  • 30ml Fresh Lime Juice
  • 60 ml Single Malt Whiskey
  • 15ml red wine, preferably Cabernet Sauvignon


  • In a cocktail shaker, add spice syrup, lime juice & whiskey and shake it with ice
  • Strain into a glass filled with ice
  • Float the red wine on top using the back of a bar spoon
  • Serve with a side of sass

And remember, when you play the game of thrones you win or you die. There is no middle ground.


Audio Courtesy Boyce Avenue & MetroGnome Remix

Cersei’s Image courtesy




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