The ‘We’re on a Break’ Ice Cream

There’s a time when you can’t crawl out of bed. You could have a serious case of the blues, you could be pmsing/feeling heartbroken/eternally doomed. Or all of it together.

And yes, these can happen to you even if you’re a man.

Such moments call for brownies, meant to be eaten in your pajamas. Free of ‘Guilt-Free’. Free of having to let your feet ever touch the floor.

But that may not be your case.

Cause then there’s a time when you get out of bed only to feel soggy, like bread dipped into water.

You’re head and heart don’t get along, like the passenger sitting next to a toddler in a 9 hour flight. You’re slightly unsteady on your feet, but make it to the shower nonetheless.

There are days to go conquer the world like those Fitbit & Fairness cream ads.

Then there are days to get up from bed and try to conquer the world. Instead, you head to the couch with your favorite blanket, a cup of strong ginger tea and the remnants of the cookies you had made when the world looked conquerable.
Hello Melancholy, old friend. It’s been a while.

So you’re on a break. Perhaps from a significant other, or from your career or from trolling your hips for looking like a doughnut.

Whatever your reason, it’s time to play hokey at work and settle down to the hundredth rerun of ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’.

And while I will not even try and offer solace, because honestly I don’t listen to my own advice, here’s one gem that I promise will turn your melancholy into a bearable and fairly lovable Adele song.

You gotta eat ice cream for breakfast.


Because even though your life is blue, your breakfast deserves sprinkles.

Because you can sneak in some vodka pre-noon and no one can judge you.

Because when you get that hello from the other side, you can definitely say you’ve tried.

This is not ordinary ice cream.

It takes the best things from your kitchen and with no effort at all, you’ll transform that giant blue beast into a unicorn stuffed with cotton candy and rainbows.

I call it the ‘We’re on a Break’ Ice Cream. Cupcakes, Oreos, Chocolates, Sprinkles oh and of course, Vodka. It doesn’t look perfect, but it tastes like God personally got involved.

And as a bonus, here’s a song to ice-cream to .


 ‘We’re on a Break’ Ice Cream


– Heavy Cream – 1 cup

– Condensed Milk – 100 g

– Cupcakes with frosting– 2 (any flavours you fancy. Its preferable to stick with buttercream frosting)

– Oreos – 5

– Ferrero Rochers (or any crumbly chocolate of your choice) – 3

– Vodka – I’d say about 3 tbsp but this one’s really your call

– Sprinkles – As much as your heart desires



– Chop the cupcakes, crush the oreos & the Ferrero Rochers into bite sized pieces. This will give maximum flavour to the ice cream so don’t crush them too finely.

– In a bowl, place the condensed milk and stir in the vodka till it’s well combined.

– Add in the cupcakes, oreos & chocolates.

– Whip the cream till medium peaks form.

– Gently mix the whipped cream into the cupcake mixture.

– Top it up with sprinkles and transfer into a freezable container.

– Freeze for atleast 8 hours or overnight for best result.

Best enjoyed with a side of Channing Tatum and big dose of conversation with the best friend.


2 thoughts on “The ‘We’re on a Break’ Ice Cream

  1. Hey Ishita,

    Great writing.. to make that low day come alive when we really want to dig into something delicious and that one time we don’t know what it would be. Thanks for the lively blog and the song which best tells u.. Oh what the F**k was i thinking 😉


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